If you are the type of person that likes getting involved in something solid, then this is particularly for you. This is particularly if you are concerned about strengthening your stakes in your career of choice. If you are part of something bigger than you, you become more accountable. However, before getting down to what you stand to benefit, let us look at what the ASSE is all about. The organization, which has been running for nearly over a century has almost 40,000 members from across the globe. The people who work in this organization are quite passionate about issues relating to health and occupational safety. Here are a few things members enjoy.


You Get to Learn From Some of the Top Professionals


Being a member of this society gives you a gist of what the epitome of a career in your line of work is all about. You get to network with specialized professionals at from different common interest groups and branches. The ASSE has over 30 practice specialties and each member can receive a free practice specialty, and a free common interest group especially for those who have student memberships. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself as student. It will definitely help you become better in a number of ways including personal growth and career development.


You Can Get a Scholarship


For any student this is definitely something you should think about. You can get access to the available 257000 dollars of grants and scholarships just by being a member of the organization. This is made possible by the ASSE foundation. The scholarships are always available for both graduates and undergraduates. The scholarship opportunities are available for students who are studying environmental, health or occupational safety courses or any other related course. To learn more on about Safety Engineers, you can visit out


You Can Get Member Discounts


Being part of something this big also comes with special advantages. For example there are special discounts that are offered. These may include ASSE publications such as books and standards as well as industry products. The American Society of Safety Engineers affinity programs make this possible.


Grow your Career



ASSE allows student members to attend the future safety leadership conference which is a great opportunity. This conference goes on for two days and it allows students to learn how to transition into employment smoothly.All one has to do is create an account with the ASSE mentoring center, to get an opportunity of interacting with the occupation, safety and health professionals. This is a great way to nurture development of self, foster great relationships and make a difference in the lives of others, while at the same time improving your career.